windows 10 is not supporting RUST ?!?!

I just installed Windows 10 and i am tryin to turn on rust and my pc shuts down with the massage “Critical process died” any ides what is that or how to fix that ?

Do keep in mind that Windows 10 is still a “Technical Preview” and as such, things are bound to go wrong.

Aside from that, are you using the latest windows 8.1 drivers for your hardware / software?

Windows 10 has been working fine with Rust for me. The only weird thing with Rust is when closing Rust it sometimes will crash the computer.

What Windows 10 build are you currently using?

Alpha OS running an alpha game

Running a still being developed game on a still being developed operating system and having issues? Who would have thought…

No reason to be a dick, he didn’t blame the game he’s just looking for help.

This might happen because of EAC. We supported Windows 10 a week ago or so, but it might already be broken because of updates. It’s something we’re working on and aim to get stable asap.

I can’t imagine it’s a small task to maintain EAC to properly support both a game and OS that are both still in development.