windows 7 and addons

I bought a new PC yesterday and got my steam games running on it and wanted to know how to add some addons since my old one glitched them out. I beleive that i know the file progression to get to my addons folder but do i run or save the file? should i use a downloader? and does windows 7 change anything important?

Here’s the link to my computer’s stats:

You don’t run or save anything. Addons come in prepackaged .rar or .zip files for extracting to your addons folder.

To reiterate, Gmod addons are not .exe’s or executables.

so what should i do when i go to then? and how do i get the file to the correct folder?

Well, I got another problem… Servers wont refresh when I’m starting game
I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate
Please help!

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well i got windows 7 too and i had same problem that then i go on internet tab on severs in game it wont refresh but then i uninstalled some programs and i could finally go on sever i recommend you uninstal some useless programs

Do you know much about using your PC?

I know how to use my PC the only reason i’m asking this is because my old one (which sucked horribly) glitched me out of getting addons. What happens is i click on the download button and it pops up with a window that says “run/open and save” and i’m not sure which to push to get the addon to work. So can you help me get that file to my garrys mod addons folder (i know where it is) and work? thanx

Once you download an addon from, you save it to a secondary folder ANYWHERE on your hard drive (I have mine on my desktop named “DLs”). After that, extract the .zip or .rar to your garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder. Done.

thank you i get it now :smiley: