Windows 7 "rust.exe" has stopped working

I need ideas to fix this. I Can run RustClient (the one with logo-not the other one) through its destination folder- but then connecting to a server is impossible because EAC is only launched through steam-so it kicks me automatically. I’ve tried compatibility modes and running as admin/reinstalling EAC, verifying game cache, using “-force-d3d11” for launch options in steam… to no evail. If someone is smart enough to read error reports-tell me how to get one so we can figure this out. There are a lot of people with this issue. Thanks. Help me not waste $20 bucks…again i am running windows 7. thanks

Do you have any antivirus or firewall software running? If so, names.

Also, is your copy of Windows legit?

AVG disabled, and yes it is. Steam is in list of exceptions for windows firewall.

Make sure EasyAntiCheat.exe is allowed through the firewall, and specifically create exceptions for it and Rust.exe in AVG even if it says it’s disabled.

You should find EasyAntiCheat.exe somewhere in the Windows folder, probably Windows\System32, but if you do a find from within the Windows folder it should find it.

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Also, take out any Steam launch parameters about forcing DirectX modes, those are unsupported and basically don’t do anything anymore; they used to work in legacy to increase fps dramatically by running weird subsets of DirectX, then an update to the sky broke running legacy in these weird subsets because the sky turned into a hall of mirrors effect (the fix was to take the launch option out).

I appreciate your replies. I have added those to the lists and the same problem persists…

What error reports are you getting?

You can paste them here, or, if they’re long, put them on pastebin and link the pastebin pages to here.