Windows 8.1 x64 Steam Crash- HELP!

Windows 8.1 x64 Steam Crash – Game does not run!!!
my config:
Core™ i7-3537U – Turbo Boost
8Gb DDR3sdram
gt 730m – 1 Gb

trying to reinstall it on steam
OBS.: when i tryed to run it directly from source files, i ran it with a compatibility mode…but couldn’t find any server
runing on compatible mode : windows xp SP3
runing on exibition mode : high DPI dimensionament


ps.: sorry for the bad english

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If you run it directly from steam, what is the error?

If you browse to the steam games folder and right click on rust.exe and run as administrator, do you get the same error?

when i run it directly form steam it opens a option screen for resolution and settings and then when i click in the play game button it start to run but crashes and gives a window of error from windows…
same thing for running as adm…
only way i got the game running was with those configs i mentioned before

Can you please copy the error you receive into here

it doesnt show any kind of error… just says Rust.exe stopped working and give a debug and a close program option…
i’ll post a photo

“Rust.exe stopped working
A problem made that the program stopped working correctly. windows will close it and notify you when a solution is avaible”