Windows 95 - Game Ripping Help

Hi, Believe it or not, I’m attempting to rip textures or maybe even models from the game Hover! from the Windows 95 Extra’s disc in order to make Sents, Sweps, maps, and maybe even a gamemode. This Game is an old 1st Person 3d game
that aparentlly dosen’t use Direct X because It wouldn’t let itse;f be read by 3DX Ripper. All the files that contain the textures are in .MAZ format which, after scanning trhough google, are unrippable. Someone said he did sompthing to the file to make it a folder of textures but I don’t believe that’s true.

Does anyone know of a method for getting these textures?


  • 486/33 processor
  • 8 MB RAM
  • Sound card
  • CD-ROM drive
  • SVGA monitor
  • Microsoft Windows 95


  • 486/66 DX processor
  • 8 MB RAM
  • Sound card
  • CD-ROM drive
  • SVGA monitor
  • Microsoft Windows 95

It’s 100% not illegal because this game is now freeware and avalable for download on Microsoft’s Website.


Wow, I remember that game.
I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you probably won’t be able to rip these.
But if worst comes to worst, it wouldn’t be hard to remake the models.

It’s the textures I’m focusing on.

I would start by trying 3D Ripper DX.

I never in life would’ve suggested this, but I hadn’t counted on the caliber of this game’s graphics.

I do not think you would experience much loss in quality if you took a screenshot while playing and cropped the desired texture out of the image.

Darn it!

Rated funny, I laughed when I read ‘Windows 95’.

If it isn’t DirectX, it may be OpenGL. See if OGLE can rip it.

Otherwise, you may need to break out a debugger and learn to read decompiled assembly to get a perfect rip.

It didn’t work either, But what game isn’t OpenGL or Direct X?

My god, I miss this game so much…

Nostalgia attack.

Great, that means it’s a software renderer (not uncommon in the Win95 era), which means there is no simple way to rip it.

If you really wanted, you could break out a debugger and a decompiler, and look for large chunks of memory being allocated at once. Those chunks are most likely the textures. I’ll be honest, it will be time-consuming and difficult.

CMerlin, ring any bells, i found it all over the game files

actually i saw that several times in HEX editor Vtrl

Sounds like some sort of header, then. Are they equally spaced throughout the file, perhaps? Like, always 4096 bytes apart?
i found this deep inside the files( edit: that was part of the bitmap resources )
The map files use binary space partisioning and a entity based system, very much like the source engine


A more Detailed List is here, this is a memory dump of the strings in the file

Yes, have a look at

You will find a commandline tool for extracting and generating .tex-files for the game.

I know it’s late but I can still use this, Thankyou!


It Worked! I love you.

No problem. It was a project in my free time. :smiley:

Making your own maze isn’t possible at this time, because the calculation of the bsp-tree is higher mathematics. Further more there are some values that make no sense to mee. When I figured out the maz-format-values, there will be an editor for the whole game.

cu Jan

Hm, if the Windows Maze could be re-created then I’m sure Hover’s levels can be too

I’ve spend many hours of analyzing the maz-format. It contains statics, location of the objects and the binary space partition tree.

Statics and Locations are no problem. But the BSP has a special format. I’ve also written a tool for converting maz to txt and back. With the help of the data i’am analyzing the construction of the BSP-Tree. Today i can move some vertices (corner of a wall) and Locations (bots, flags, beacons …).

I think in future it could be possible to make your own maze, working in the original game.

My big question is: How do they make the levels for the game? What software did they use? Someone said, they implemented an editor in the game and removed the ressources in the release.

Perhaps I will publish some notes, so someone could help me :slight_smile: … Josh where are you?