Windows dedi crashing?

I have a dedicated server with OVH. It runs windows 2008 R2, and I run 3 Gmod servers off of it.

This is what I get before it crashes, any ideas what causing this? When it crashes it goes down for like 1-5 minutes.

If your actual dedi is crashing contact OVH. This forum is for when you have lua errors or problem with srcds but right now your actual dedi is crashing. But it might be the the srcds that’s overflowing the CPU can you provide srcds logs?

Well I have contacted them, but I am looking at all possibility’s and in the console.log there are no errors, its just normal. Also as you can see in the screenshot the CPU is fairly low.

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Crashed again:

here is the log -

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and pics of cpu:

How would I know if it was a ddos?

Does it acually crash or do you just loose connection for a few min? Did you buy from OVH, SoYouStart or Kimsufi? If you bought from OVH make sure you enable permanent ddos protection. Without this feature it could take 1-5 min for the ddos protection to kick in which could cause you to loose connection.

Yeah ive permanent on for months. And it looses connection for a few mins I think, which leads me to think ddos.

Use the OVH firewall to block TCP to port 27015 (or whatever you use). This will disable using rcon, but it’s a small price to pay for people not TCP flooding that port and fucking the entire server.

Not claiming this is what’s happening, but it might be simple TCP floods to the server port which in my experience OVH’s vac system doesn’t stop.

Do you have to restart the server before you can reconnect? If not, then it could be DDoS related, as mentioned above.

Thanks for the advice, would it look like this:

leave the source port blank but yes

Thanks, I looked at the attack in wireshark. I got a file of the attack and cut it down to the last 100mb, if someone could look into this attack and fix it I would pay.