Windows Error from srcds.exe

I am constantly getting this error on the box hosting my gmod servers, it’s from spacebuild, or sandbox… those both show this error:

It’s always sort of done this, everything’s up to date, and always has been… It’s really weird.

I would check memory usage, I have only had this error once and totally forgot what I did to fix it.

Thats a ‘standerd error’, it happeneds when your server crashes do to overloading. I was running a 6 gb ram ,quad core server. I still got the error do to ‘how many props’, ‘how many people’, and ‘wtf is going on’. Such as noobs spamming, people using large amounts of explosives. What I would do is remove the addons you ** do not need **, to much lua = more server crashes. Less lua = better server preformance.

What some of the GSP’s do with “The normal errors” is create an autoit script to close the window, allowing srcds to restart (assuming you have some kind of auto-restarter).

No idea how to make an autorestarter. Can someone explain?

Batch file: look at the wiki article

Or use TCAdmin :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I start my servers with batch files. Would this just be another batch file called in the startup arguments?

Use ServerDoc or ServerChecker.

Much easier than batch files.

Link me? I do better with tutorials.