[Windows] How to get a nicer looking console in Garry's Mod

This only applies to Windows as other operating systems already use Verdana for the console.

  1. Open garrysmod/resource/sourcescheme.res in your game’s files
  2. Scroll down to ConsoleText
  3. Replace the block with this:
		//"name"		"Lucida Console" [$WINDOWS]
		//"name"		"Verdana" [!$WINDOWS]
		//"tall"		"10" [$WINDOWS]
		//"tall"		"14" [!$WINDOWS]
		"name"		"Verdana"
		"tall"		"13"
		"weight"	"500"

Now your console will look like this:


If other people want to go further, I also advise you to use this scheme: Improve SourceScheme.res Appearance · Issue #1758 · Facepunch/garrysmod-requests · GitHub

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I’ve been several thousand hours into gmod and never cared about it but now I can’t go back anymore. Thanks!