Windows live skydrive 25Gb

I’ve just noticed this service and I was wondering if it is possible to use it as a downloadurl? Because the 25Gb space would really be convenient, and the fact that it’s free :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s anything like Dropbox (which I expect it is) then no.

This tutorial shows that dropbox is possible. So I actually do hope it’s a lot like dropbox. I want the 25Gb though… That’s the advantage of it…


Hmm… Skydrive is actually A LOT like Dropbox, infact, I think if I use the same method from the tutorial I linked to, it might actually work. Anyone care to try?

How do you get the public link on SD then?

I am unsure what your referring to, however, the files can be reached to anyone thats joining because the files are in a public folder, not a private one. At least, I think that’s how dropbox does it. Either way, the folder in dropbox is accessible to the public.

Yes it’s pretty trivial to get around the public link problem with these two programs. But if it works for dropbox, it should work for this…

Can anyone confirm this?

If the service offers a HTTP download link (like dropbox does) that can be used with the real paths (read: rather than for each file) then it can be used as a downloadurl.