Windows or Linux

I was wondering which OS to install to get the most out of my server for GarrysMod.

Not exactly sure if this belongs in this section but anyway, I’m pretty certain that Windows would be the more efficient choice when it comes to hosting garry’s mod, Linux is way more efficient itself it’s just that the SRCDS was designed for windows then brought onto linux, I have little knowledge on C++ but I do know there are alot of issues with linux and srcds which causes more crashes and issues.

I recommend windows; If you want to try it and have no other choice, then linux.

I’d recommend Linux. I’ve hosted multiple HL2 games on it including Garrys’ Mod and it worked without a hitch. It often depends on how you set it up. For me, The server’s never crashed giving me “Out Of Memory”, or “Memory could not be read.” Unlike in windows when the server gets overloaded it crashes with a bunch of error messages and not to mention it’s very resource-taking processes. The same goes for Linux, except the data can be read faster then in windows. Thus making the server fast, but it’s a lot harder to set up.

But again if you’re more of a windows guy instead of a Linux penguin then I’d recommend windows.

If your looking to setup a server as quickly as possible, windows is your choice in the matter. But if you want a faster server, but takes a little longer to setup, you would use linux.

/startdumbass Use both. /enddumbass

Srs faec. What these guys said. Personally, I use Windows just because I haven’t looked into how to set srcds up on Linux. Not to mention my mom doesn’t know how to use Linux and this is a shared computer.

I would personally use windows if your new to linux. But all my servers run Linux.