Windows reported the error, the file could not be found

This problem have occured to me like, fiftyeleven times now, and I demand an answer on how to fix it.
When this problem occured to me earlier, I didn’t really care and just made a new map.
But now I’ve been working like, 5-6 hours on this map, and this shit happens. :bang:


Hmm… I figured it was an invalid brush. Removed it and now it’s working.

yea. i hate that.

This error just means that your compile crashed somewhere along the line.

this “error” is just a little message letting you know that there’s an actual error earlier in the compile log, post the log here or go to to have the script tell you which errors you have in your log.

Good idea before you compile, is to press ALT+P this brings up the errors in your map, which can prevent the map from compiling.

Yeah, I know. I did that AFTER I made the thread. :buddy: