Windows Server 2012 SRCDS error.


I’m been trying for weeks to fix a problem i’m having on my dedicated server,
I installed Windows Server 2012(Bought legally),
And installed SRCDS , to host a Garry’s Mod development server.
At first it worked good, then after a update(unsure about what update) i keep getting a error starting SRCDS :

Console initialized.
ConVarRef mat_dxlevel doesn't point to an existing ConVar
Game.dll loaded for "Garry's Mod"
Initializing Steam libraries for secure Internet server
osversion.cpp (186) : Assertion Failed: Unknown osvi.dwMinorVersion, assuming Wi
ndows2k8r2: 2
Assert( Assertion Failed: Unknown osvi.dwMinorVersion, assuming Windows2k8r2: 2

document about “osversion”

I’ve tried the following things,
Reinstalling SRCDS (Completely).
Reinstalling Windows Server 2012.

So does anyone have a kinda fix for this?
Whould be great to get the server up and continue developing, ASAP



It sounds as if Server 2012 is not supported. Could you possibly try running this in compatibility mode?

Thanks for the help.

The gameserver is now working perfectly,


I’m sorry this is a necro, but did you have it open up a console afterwards? If so, how did you do it? I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to run in compatibility via a .bat file.
Also, I can’t get it to stay by just double clicking a shortcut with the arguments, so could you walk me through it?