Windows volume mixer freezes up when joining a server

Thought I’d bring this up since I’m curious how many this affects and if anything could possibly done about it. Basically, if I’m joining or connecting to a server and I tab out to access the Windows Volume mixer, it’ll freeze up every time without fail. I initially thought this was only occurring on servers that have music in the loading screen, as that would be the only time I’d try to access it, but I’ve noticed that it just seems to occur all the time, without fail.

How many others get this and is there a chance something could be done? It’s rly annoying, especially when I’m trying to lower the volume of stuff that isn’t gmod

Honestly I’ve never experienced this, sorry I couldn’t be of anymore help.
On my older computer Garry’s Mod would freeze up when trying to tab out while connecting, but I believe that’s unrelated.

Never experienced this either. Win 7 64 bit.

I’ve never experienced this, but then again it’s not anything that I’ve ever tried. I could make sense with the new audio-module Garry implemented… Next time I reload my server I’ll try it when connecting. I reload it ~ every week.

Actually, I just decided to go-ahead and try it. It DOES freeze up! I’m running Windows 7 64 bit. No other programs freeze aside from Volume Mixer, and GMod during loading. After load all is normal.

Post a bug-report here:

Then reply with a link to it. I’ll post my support in it. – Fantastic / Interesting find!

I’ve experienced this before, on all 3 of my computers. It’s annoying as hell.

Nothing better than joining a server with extremely loud loading music and not being able to do a thing about it for ~15 - 30 seconds.

Unless there’s a hardware knob you can turn on your headset / speakers.

My headset has a mixamp knob that gets muted when you push it so yeah I’ve hit it my fair amount of times.:downs: