Windows wrong way around (open)

Anyone else have windows that are the wrong way around and look like they are open?

Logged in after latest patch and every window is at right angles of the frame and look open (hinged in the middle).

Oh well

Same here. It’s like the window bars are offset 90 degrees.

From the devblog: “Window bars collider is accurate.”

Accurate, but not necessarily in the right orientation. lol

And yes, I have that same problem

this happened on my server too :expressionless:

same… and some wall disapeared and cant be replaced…

Same here… I think it’s great, finally get some fresh air into the place :smiley:

Luckily we wiped our server just before the update so not much messed up.

My guess is that you had stability issues that got recalculated on server restart. Now that the new values are calculated it, the affected items collapsed and you can’t replace them.

Same Problem here on official server Amsterdam II we need FIX asap !!!

i don’t see the problem though…:wink: