Windows Xbox controller for G-mod 10

I recently got gmod 10 for my windows 7 laptop, and I’m trying to use a windows xbox controller with it. Steam says that they are compatible, but when I try to use it nothing happens. Control panel says it’s working fine, and I’ve tried enabling the joystick, but still no success.

Not to be mean or anything, but why would you want to use the Xbox Controller for GMod? It has waaay too many buttons to be able to work on an Xbox Controller. What would you use for a numpad?

I might work after some tuning, I got my PS3 controller to work with Gmod.

got it now, use controller for main controls and keyboard for spawning

I once managed to hook up my Xbox controller to my PC and playing TF2 and GMOD with it, it’s decent alright and while it feels like you are playing the Xbox version of the Orange Box but only on PC. Although it didn’t feel right because joysticks on PC are a big no-no.

Try using Xpadder or some other similar program. Still easier to just get a USB mouse.

I didn’t have to use any programs except the driver that makes the controller work.

You sure you have the driver downloaded?

I’ve found out now all you need to do is open the console by pressing ~ or ¬ and type “exec 360controller”
works for both gmod and tf2