My hl2.exe is crashing on my windows xp. It was fine before but now it’s broken. The game is apparently “Fixed”. Yet every time I tried to fix this I get the same crash/error.

So can someone please help me…

Win XP user here, the game works fine for me. Try a clean reinstall?

Yeah I tried re-installing it. ): I also checked the files integrity and all that jazz, but it still won’t work. If you would like to help me my Skype is supernubs. If you can please help, please do.

I was running into this problem on Windows 7 64 bit for some reason for the last few days. None of my source games worked at all and Hl2.exe kept crashing due to a nfdll.dll error.

Just verified Source SDK 2007 and defragmented and now it launches some of the times without crashing.

Get windows 7 or 8. XP is slowly loosing its uses. Not just for Gmod, but in other games. The latest games will struggle to work on it.

Yeah I know. It’s just a money problem. /: I really wish I could get something new. All I have for now is this.

But I also stopped getting that error. The game is apparently open but I see nothing. I open my task manager and it shows hl2.exe running but nothing is on the screen.

Dude, who ever said that is dumb fuck off. What am I suppose to do? Don’t be a dick.

And you still want help? Seriously?

First of all, Jongunner is right, XP is the new 98’.
More importantly, in regards to your crash it almost couldn’t be any more nondescript. You get an error. What error? Do you have a graphics card? What Kind? What happened between when it worked and now?

If your game is RUNNING but you can’t see anything, update your graphics card drivers.
If you don’t have a graphics card, get one.
Delete your game content, re-download everything, try it again.
Considering the game doesn’t even start after a fresh install this isn’t a gmod problem.
Is your game up-to-date? DirectX drivers? Anything overclocked? Is your game running at a suitable resolution for your monitor? Have you tried running it in windowed mode with a custom resolution through the launch parameters?

I have tried everything. No need to be an asshole about it. I just wanted help.

Did this problem come with the GMod13 Update?

You’ve tried “everything” but didn’t address my questions. I want to help you but you have to give me SOMETHING to work with.

I really WANT to say that I refuse to participate in solving your problem for telling someone to “fuck off” for not only taking time to actually POST in a thread with little discription, but also making a point. You also called me an asshole for making the same point, and trying to be helpful against my better judgement, while you clearly don’t reflect your need for help in your word choices. Keep in mind that you have 8 posts and made an account within the past 30 days, you’re not really in a position to blatantly disrespect community members who are trying to help you. You will receive much worse criticism on this forum that isn’t something as minuscule as telling you your OS isn’t optimum. Not trying to be rude, but constructively, you need to consider your word choices more carefully.

Yes, and then I reinstalled everything, after everything was suppose to be fixed, I was still getting the same error. But then the game is now running but nothing is coming up on the screen. I have reinstalled and updated graphics card and all that. I have even updated my system. I still can’t do anything though.

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The thing I am not getting the most is that BEFORE Garry updated the game everything ran fine but after the update I just can’t play anymore?