windows xp source sdk faceposer problem :(

I have source sdk on my windows7 computer and I coudln’t get faceposer (source sdk) to work with lip-syncing with phoneme editor and after spending alot of time reading up on it I found out that it doesn’t work on windows 7… So I decided to try it on one of the windows xp computers in my house to see if it would work, and well it still doesn’t. This is what happens: whenever I load the sound file with the phoneme editor when I try re-extracting it just says this: LAST EXTRACTION RESULT: there was an error in extraction. wtf I downloaded microsoft speech sdk. What am I doing wrong??? When ever i try making it my self with the sliders the damn thing just crashes! :frowning: Does anyone know a fix please!! I have been looking for a solution for a long time now. People said it was supposed to work on windows xp well does exacly what it did for me on windows 7.

note: on this Pc I have hl2 and source sdk installed.


oops accidently posted a reply

simple answer: don’t use the default extractor, it sucks ass anyway

the updated one is p nice, but it will never rival with do-it-all-the-manual-way

I’ll try that Thanks :). Oh I cant seem to do manualy anyway cause when I slide the word to match the sound the program just crashes :S