WINE Garry's Mod server issue (connections this time)

I am trying to host a GMod server on w(h)ine, once again. Problem is the server behaves very oddly. For example:

  • Drops all client connections without any reason. Clients receive connection problem but are still “connected” because if clients press disconnect server console still shows “disconnect by user”
  • Kicks players after 5 minutes with reason “Invalid Steam UserID ticket”
  • Doesn’t show “Vac secure mode disabled/enabled”
    – Or shows after 2-5 minutes
    – Or displays the message once in a while
    – Or doesn’t display at all
    (I haven’t found the absolute/provable cause for any of these so speculations/information is appreciated)

Only positive thing is that I am not experiencing any other problems like sticky floors on a vanilla server.
Another odd thing is that both wine and non-wine TF2 servers behave totally normally.
I have tried “-/+ip” and different ports and binding the server to different interfaces. Nothing really helps.

Anyone got any hints to try to get this fixed?

PS: Right now the server seems to behave normally but only after 5 minutes when the “VAC secure mode enabled.” comes.

[release]OS: Debian Lenny 5.0.3 (64-bit)
CPU: Xeon Quad Core 2,7Ghz
RAM: 8gb
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Network speed: Enough to kill your 100/100
Other: Two NICs. Wine latest (1.1.33)
Firewall: Nothing

Have you tried updating the game files, or reinstalling them?
This topic is actually interesting, because I’m considering purchasing a VPS.

I got access to the server 5 days ago therefore the dedicated server is less than 5 days old.
All vanilla. No custom content.

I don’t know how well your VPS will perform but it seems that having problems with wine is very random. My old server had basically the same setup except Debian 4.0 and it worked there, nearly flawlessly!

If you purchase a VPS, the GMOD dedicated server will absolutely rape the resources.

I run a little dedicated server for testing SeriousRP (Sempron 3000+ running NetBSD 5.0.1 and wine 1.0.1) - 100% CPU is not uncommon - idles at about 58% on downtown_v2

I want to use ReactOS but it needs some fixes first.

Stop using wine, and use windows already. It’s too unstable with wine.

Wine doesn’t seem to crash when hosting a server. What happens is - some part of wine has more overhead in what it does which causes more CPU to be eaten. My goal is to be able to get SRCDS to run under React OS. (It already does run I think if you comment out the section about BAD_IMPERSONATION_TOKEN in the SeAccessCheck function). - But you won’t get nice network performance under ReactOS yet since there are some recursive locking issues with networking which are currently being worked on.

EDIT: aicom of the ReactOS project has just committed the fixes to svn! I’m gonna try it right now!

No can do, unless you want to donate an account in a windows machine…
And wine is not too unstable or have you tried yourself and what you even consider too unstable?

UberMensch was about to give me an account on his server. It was windows though so we had major problems figuring out how to get me access (be cursed license). End result was a virtual server with Windows XP since that seemed to be the easiest way. It wouldn’t be as powerful as this one but it could probably even work. Haven’t yet gotten an answer from him whether we are going to continue with this or not.
TLDR;conclusion: Windows ftw, but you need money.

Standard games such as CS:S / TF2 will work fine under wine as linux binaries exist for them, however for Gmod it can prove somewhat problematic. Sure, you have emulation, but at best that’s all it’ll ever be, emulation. There’s no point pushing forwards on what will continue to be somewhat unstable / resource hog system.

A limited user account would work quite easily for that.

No licenses for remote desktop, no easy way to access the machine.

And sure, it might use more resources, etc, but it will still run and that’s all that matters while I don’t have own server. I actually preferred wine over windows because I can write automation for the server so much easier than with windows.
I don’t know the real numbers but a wine server will most likely use less ram than a windows running in a virtual server. Considering the server has 8GB of this it doesn’t really matter though.

Well, I don’t know the stats of virtualization versus a wine server in this case.

Odd, this guy has the same problem that I have:
Difference is I am not running port forwarding, firewalls or any sort of thing like that.

Looks like WINE’s networking is somewhat fu***d up on amd64 (at least in the latest Debian).
I’ve tried that it isn’t this bug at least:
Can anyone find/Has anyone experienced other wine/debian bugs related to networking on 64 bit os?

@Python1320, have you made any progress?

All of the issues you describe are due to the VAC secure mode coming so late, I am (and have had in the past) this same problem running my server through wine.

We may need to ask around and see what other people are using (linux version/wine version), maybe that has something to do with it.

Personally I am running Ubuntu 9.04 and wine 1.0.1


It might have something to do with ports?
For some reason I can’t get my 27015 port open under ubuntu. I’ve opened it on the only software firewall I know of, and it is open on my router, but when I check it with , it tells me its closed. Strange…

I’m especially interested in finding out if ReactOS can run Garrys Mod.

@TrueNash: You have to try it, can’t know otherwise. it seems to act differently EVEN on different os versions. I haven’t got the vaguest idea why.
EDIT: Oh, read CentOS :slight_smile: Forget what I said.

@tlnos: I sort of fixed it, basically told it not to care even if it doesn’t get the connection to valve’s master server, can’t tell how with a good reason, at least in public. Valve, fix your hacky sh*t, please. As a workaround, try running steam and then when it’s running start SRCDS in the same wine session (not from steam) and same wineprefix, etc. It should give some message in srcds about ServiceStartup and actually work.

If you tell it not to care, I assume you are allowing it to not be Vac secure, wont you then have issues with players not being identified? This would lead to admin problems i would think.

That’s an interesting idea, to have steam running at the same time. Does this make Vac secured more instantly rather than sitting there for a couple minutes? Are you signed in with your steam account or is it just on?