Wing Tool

Wing Tool v1.1

Purpose: This STool allows you to make props simulate lift and drag like a wing.

Author: PackRat

Thanks: Too many to name… With the lack of useful docs I’ve had to learn by example for the most part. If you recognise some of your code then you have my thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

The math behind it is all based ROBO_DONUT’s wing script for GMod9, so if you were a fan of wings_makewing, you should find the numbers and settings for this tool behave the same way you remember. (I hope)


Left clicking on a prop will cause it to be added to the wings system, with the same default lift, drag, and area settings that ‘wings_makewing’ used to give.

Left clicking on a prop that is already in the system will cause it to be updated with the settings you specify in the tool panel.

Right clicking on a wing will display its current settings, along with the default values in case you wish to reset it.

At the moment I haven’t included a way to delete a wing from the system. Just remove the prop for the time being.



The zip provided contains wing.lua

You can extract the zip into your garrysmod folder, and the file should end up in the correct location.



– GUI works with new GMod (thanks Exception)
– By default the tool no longer modifies the area setting on wings. This should elminiate the strange over/underpower issues people were having. If you don’t know what this means then you can safely ignore it and just go about your business.

Upcoming features include:

– adding in those speech-bubble things to tell you the wings settings instead of using rightclick
– adding in a way to delete a wing without removing the prop

Nice remake. Lua King’d.

Finally! Thanks!

Thanks for making this! I thought it would be awhile before some one made a remake.

Freaking finally. Thank you!

I think I’m sticking to SWEPs and other scripts until this is all better documented, because turning this thing into a STOOL was way trickier than it should have been…


Now I can finally make real hovercrafts. :smiley:

Thanks mate

/edit By the way, what exacly does wing area do?

Well the wing system has no knowledge of the prop’s physical dimensions. So the area variable is there to let you specify the size of your imaginary wing.

As far as it’s effect is concerned, basically bigger wings means more lift and more drag.

Don’t be concerned about changing the area if you don’t want to. The tool automatically calculates an area value from the prop’s mass, and that should be fine for most situations.

Yes, you could achieve the same effect by just leaving the area as is and raising the lift or drag settings instead, but this helps to balance the numbers out between big and small props. That means a wing that’s 50 times heavier than another wing doesn’t require 50 times the lift setting to get in the air at the same speed.

Also, judging from the numbers and some comments in ROBO_DONUT’s original code, I believe he intended the math to resemble real-world units, hence the need to specify a wing surface area.

Cool man, thanks for this one. I was trying to convert it myself, but was never able to replace Player:getshootpos() it just didn’t work. Can’t wait to see how you done it :smiley:

Gold star.

I was hoping this would come soon. :smiley: Loved this feature in 9.

This will be very useful! Thanks for remaking this!

Thanks a trillion!

thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks. A lot. One thing though. Could you put Wings in the Construction section of the ‘Q’ Menu. That’d be great. Thanks again.

If only they re-make this for gmod9…the links are dead…i need a credit card badly.

Is it just me or do the wings here have a massive increase in lift? I used to need at least a lift setting of 5 on wood pallets to lift an airboat, and now even on 1.5 with this it rockets into the sky. What gives?

Nice, this was one of my favorite scripts in gmod 9 and now it’s one of my favorite scripts in gmod 10.

Unfortunately no. Atleast, not at the moment. The code only seems to allow for menu items to be added to the bottom of the list. The only way to get it into the position you want would be to manually modify your GMOD settings files.

Well to be honest I never used the original, so I didn’t know exactly how it behaved. But the math hasn’t changed from the original (unless I messed up), so I don’t know why it would behave differently.

EDIT: Actually, it could be the area setting. Make sure the area values are set to their defaults, or whatever you used to use. If you never used to use the command ‘wings_setarea’ then you were using deaults.

Right click on the wing to check its settings, and the default value printed next to the area will tell you what the tool thinks it should be set to. If the value is differnt then change it to match.

I know, the tool is currently a bit awkward to use, I’ll be addressing as much of this as I can in the next version.

Perhaps instead of right-clicking to get the info, you could get it to highlight the wing and show the little speech bubble like it does with hoverballs, wheels, etc. when you have your crosshairs over it?

Unless you haven’t figured out how yet.