Wingin' It - My First Proper Gmod Vid

A man finds his brother lying dead in the construct, this is the story of how he died. Don’t expect anything dramatic, this was originally meant to be someguy over-reacting funnily after finding his brothers corpse. I filmed that, didn’t think I had enough to even call it mediocre, so I took it a bit far :stuck_out_tongue:

I may have been a member for well over a year, but I still consider myself new as I rarely post. I’d just like to clear up that the machinima swep wouldn’t work when I shot the part with Barney, so I stuck with the crowbar. This wasn’t really meant to be a masterpiece of sorts, and it was based off an idea that was thought up in 5 seconds by my friend and I. So no high expectations from me haha.

Any tips for anything I could do to improve my filming or editing are welcome :slight_smile:

Wrong section bro, Videos are up there.

crap, forgot to press videos, apologies

Gman’s dead corpse needs faceposing and you need machinima hands.

With all the good maps out there and you use construct? It ruined it for me.