Wings of Liberty Fly Over Normandy (D-Day)

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Here are some hot, erotic editing done by a few chums.

** By L.T. Mark **

** By Juraj **

** Isolation by masterfgh **


** Isolation w/o Propellers by Juraj **

** Pose set up by Caboose**

More edits pending.

Not really necessary to make a thread for this.

The explosion from the engine in the 2nd picture looks really good. I would have choose a different song though, maybe from band of brothers.

The fire needs to be brighter in the middle.

damn those guys in that plane with an engine fire is purely fucked.

i like the edits though, although the fire on the 1st could be improved

Great editing work on the 2nd image , Arty

Looks pretty awesome!

I didn’t post what I said because I didn’t think the pictures were any good, but because the OP didn’t actually do an edit himself, so it seems odd he should make a thread.