winston and I built this traction beam crawler thing

we put winston’s engine in this boss ass motherfucker

look at this shit it has a 2 speed transmission and a v8 that doesn’t give a single fuck

i would have added a “shits given per second” indicator but it would always be zero

I give multiple fucks for this. Awesome job.

Did it survive dupe? :ohdear:

TBdupe, so yes

Can we have the soundpath?

I used the Cobra sounds from Karbine’s engine sound pack.

I need an engine tutorial to be bothered making engines. I’m too lazy to figure out on my own :ohdear:

but that is sexy as hell

Tut for the engine would be nice.
My engines SUCK, timing always perfect, RPM-Limit, Downgearing @ 1:0,5 ratio, total weight of Car about 1,5 Tons BUT it is not moving.

The only engine that is usefull is my V24 Hydro-Engine for trains, pulls nearly everything (testet with 50 tons Train and 3 passengercars @ 50 tons each) @ about 35 kmh (~20 mph), thanks to Adam^^

It’s so soft. It fucking floats :smiley:

That’s nice. Now make some body for it.

You don’t need a body on it. Shit’s badass enough to be a fucking dune buggy on its own. Nice work. Now if only I had that kind of time.

i’m going to make a pipe frame for it or something. it was meant more for low speed terrain.

I doubt the only thing it takes is “time”.

well to be honest, i spend ridiculous amounts of time on things, tons of trial and error, so yes, probably just time.

this thing took me probably ~4 hours


So what exactly is a traction beam?

it’s an elongated swingarm

also used by some trophy trucks :eng101:

but when looking closer at karbines pic I think that’s also from a trophy truck

all 4wd broncos/rangers/f150s had TTB front suspension from like '90-'97

I’ve heard it only ever referred to as a “double I beam”.