Winston & Karbine's Rock Crawler

We took Winston’s military Donkey jeep and converted it to a rock crawler. It doesn’t lag at all, and eats anything you put in front of it. Clutch modulation is great.[/t]

GME and their giant fake crawlers can go suck it. This is powered by nothing more than an acf engine, an acf gearbox, and some wheels.

Here’s the standard w11a2 Donkey.[/t]


WOW it has no ackermann angle 0/10 try again next time

Nice. Surprised someone actually used my shitty wheels, lol.

they’re yours? fuckin’ fix the UVing and make 5 size wheels (25 35 45 55 etc)

How did you get your wheels so grippy?

real men build big cralwers like GME :wink:

[sp]nice crawler btw[/sp]