Winter Assault

OMGOMGOMG, I just thought of something great. Not telling you though :devil:, it’s so good I wouldn’t blame anyone for stealing it. See it later in my werkz.

Great posing, especially the heavy’s. His faceposing is really good too, but the medic’s appears a bit random.

Looks like winter, which is, naturally desirable.

Nice. The Heavy’s faceposing is spot on.

Great snow editing.

I was expecting something like the cover for DoW: Winter Assault.
You’ve done a pretty amazing thing with the snow there.

“i have seen war comrade. i have seen the bowels of death drawn open and comrade… i said let me live to fight again.”

“it sure is cold out here.”

Oh that’s fucking nice man, if only medic have a hat like heavy. 9.8 out of 10

Is the snow blowing in a perpendicular fashion only in the top left section? Also there’s a random band of shadow at the end of the heavy’s sleeve. Good picture though, and that’s saying a bit because I’m not a fan of TF2 screens.

nice on i lol’d

there’s like a square layer in which the snow is falling perpendicular. you can see the line