Winter Blast swep

A recreation of cool plasmid from Bioshock.

Just click primary fire to freeze something (sorry this swep doesnt work on npc’s).




Lua Coding - NECROSSIN (its me)
Ice textures - from Phyght gamemode (by Rambo_6)
Ice effect - from Phyght gamemode (by Rambo_6)

Have a fun.:downs:

I saw your comment on the youtube, this looks cool, but you should make it useable on npcs :slight_smile:
and btw, do people break into chunks if you shoot them? cause that would make this WIN x over9000.

i can try to make these things later

how did you make bots that count as players?

sv_cheats 1

in console.

To make it little bit worky on npc’s, make the damage against npcs about 500 so it instakills and directly statue the body while applying ice texture, should work.

Is that the same v_model as the Bang Band You’re Dead swep?

Looks like heavie’s pow haha taunt.

Ok, I tried it out. Graphically, pretty nice. Nice ice effect, nice HUD effect for freezing. But it doesn’t stop NPCs, and the firing rate is very slow considering that it has only one function. Don’t worry too much about overpowering it, as freezing people is always overpowered regardless. Make it something I might wanna use against zombies, and you’ve got a winner.

To freeze a NPC :


To unfreeze a NPC :


hey man nice swep…im trying to add this onto my server, but whenever i attempt to spawn the weapon it gives me 2 errors:

  1. lua error: weapons/weapons_base/init.lua:36: attempt to concatenate local ‘t’ <a nil value>


  1. lua error: weapons/weapon_winterblastv2\shared.lua:154: tried to use a null entity!

any ideas on how i might fix that?

(also, and this is weird, if i pick up or am already holding a deagle it works fine…)

The latest updates probably broke the code, but please, look at the post dates before you post.