Winter Combat Standoff (First Poses)

"We’d just gotten the female unit online after a week’s worth of trying to reprogram her. Kyle, Jack, Amy, and some teen survivor named Jammie were all that was left to escort the machine back to HQ. Then, one of their goddamn infiltration units showed up, probably one of the same units ours was… Jack was shot in the back of the head, while Kyle was shot in the gut and then thrown almost off the street into a highway below. Amy- goddamn these machines, the fucker filled her with lead as she fell against the fence.

Jammie just got shot in the gut, the stupid brat… I’m low on ammo, and I think I see a damn Judge off in the rooftops… Seems the reprogrammed unit’s picked up a Tachi handgun, though; I just hope it’s enough…" ~ Harold Steinbar


The Combat Unit, Sera ‘361’ - a front view

Close-Up of Harold

Opposing Infiltration Unit


  • First released poses. Very stiff, the hands aren’t directly on the guns nor are the fingers appropriately on the grips/triggers, and the effects are minimal/poor. I simply was just posing for the hell of it, and decided to make a backstory to go along with it. If I knew how to make comics, I might just expand upon this if I wasn’t lazy.
  • Fun fact: the weapons are world models of the Neotokyo weapons.
  • I think Sera’s model is from the TnB megapack/donator models, but not entirely sure. Not my favorite model, but with a lack of female models that aren’t nudes, i’m sure someone will understand.
  • Yes, that is an RE4 Ashley model, who’s meant to be ‘Jammie’. I tried to keep her out of the shots due to the model itself lacking face/finger posing.
  • ‘Judge’ on the left rooftop.

The camera angle looks a little boring, there’s nothing to really focus on, try zooming in more and you also pretty much gave yourself the rest of the constructive criticism in your notes.


Also use


for your screenshots

What can I say, I like being honest.

But yeah, I should’ve figured that the camera angle was abit too open… Seems I screwed up in the balance between face-to-face and a sniper standoff…

Also, if anyone could tell me the command for having to open those spoiler things or whatever to see the other pictures, i’d appreciate it.

The picture is mediocre, but the back story was actually quite interesting O_o

camera angle is quite boring.