Winter Depression...

Okay, you know how people say a picture is worth a thousand words?
Well, I’d like it if you guys could say what happened prior to the situation, and I’ll make a pose of the best idea :slight_smile:

Basically is the bald male model citizen in his regular blue jumpsuit and three masked troopers who have stumbled upon the sad man… the question is… why is he sad?

You guys decide… and please… keep it at least realistic in a sense :slight_smile:

C&C please :smiley:

He lost his keys :frowning:


And forgot to turn the stove off.


its the FIREing squad :stuck_out_tongue:

His Girlfriend just dumped him on Christmas day, and his cat died

Garrysmod crashed while he was working on an awesome pose, and he didn’t save :v:

He has gigantic ugly text all over his sub-par picture.


Also pose on the Napalm soldiers looks really stiff.

i tryed to loosen them up, but its the ragdoll models themselves… :frowning:

From where you downloaded them?
I got them from S-lows site and the rigging on them is really nice.

Garrys Mod dot Org