Winter Fury

Clarification: The pose was done in Garry’s mod, the background was added in Photoshop.

Not sure if I’m pushing the rules, but if I am let me know and I’ll remove this.

Why would you be pushing the rules?

Because about 20% of this is Gmod, the rest was photoshop.

Kind of tacky if I’m honest. Colour doesn’t really match, visible jagged edges and it looks like something out of a poser program like XPS. You should at least attempt to make a scene rather than dump work into backgrounds.

Also worse if the photo isn’t even yours. I assume it isn’t anyway.

I think it’s great, even though the background isn’t from gmod, the actual posing was and tbh that’s probs what matters most. Obviously it could be better if you had got the background from gmod but it’s not the end of the world. You could probably make a tiny adjustment to make him look as though he’s in the background but other than that… Great Job!

Thanks mate. The only background that I can knock up in Photoshop on my own accord is a foggy background. However, given the song in the OP (and where it came from), I don’t think it would have fitted well.

It’s good posing and background choice, but you screwed up one thing and that is you made the light too weak on the soldier. The background has strong light and strong shadows. You should’ve set the lamp tool to like 2.00 or 3.00 and applied it on the pose.