Winter infected...

does anyone can do this 2 modified version of the smoker and the hunter?

Here the hunter i think he need only reskin…
The Smoker

I think he need a hacking with this model

thanks in advance

Page 2 B-U-M-P

I support this.

You should probably ask permission from simkas in advance.

Smoker looks like Nostalgia Critic, probably the hat.

Hi, Im the cough hack Nostalgia Smoker.

you right…i asking him…

I support this, yo.

I support this too

im loving the hunter

We must do a Petition For L4d3 in a Arctics Maps…


Oh, and I support this.

I support this.

I too support this. I didn’t know anyone would support this; but wow, there are a lot.

Does anyone know how I can make a petition? Seriously … A lot of people want to L4d3 on Arctics (similar to 30 days of night, but more violent and a lot of more more Zombies!!..)


Come on people, even if you don’t like this, hop on the :bandwagon: and love it :v:

Is a Good idea…if i can contact Valve offices…is more easy to do…But guy we need your Support come on Hop un The Bandwagon and Going to Help us to Make this dream Real!
You E-mail him since I don’t think he likes me since I sent him this giant, well-thought out complaint about L4D2’s sv_cheats(it was like 70 lines long)
And he said that he reads all of his EMails in L4D2’s commentary.

me like.