"Winter is comig"


Well, the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge is tomorrow, figured ou that I should have done somehting for that.

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damn, fucked up the title

Extremely late post, but who cares? Anyways, extremely nice image, extreme fan of the Fallshirmjager!

did you make an account just to say that

Not really? I needed FP to post scenes and look at crud anyways. Problem?

Oh nice first posts.

Keep going with that attitude and I’ll guaratee you that you’ll get banned by the end of the month.

Mate, hes not using a attitude if you’re talking about Cogsed. He just complemented you’re scene, nuff about it let’s just not star a WW3 here. Hate on me all you want

I’m talking about the post he made just above mine. His answer was rude when it didn’t need to be.

Haupt, I wasn’t trying to be rude, and honestly I didn’t find that rude at all. I just asked if he had a problem with me making an account basically.

no, we don’t have a problem with you making an account. Some of us, however, do have a problem with the first part of your very first post:

Bumping two years-old threads is a bad move, in FP. Bumping a two years-old thread just to say “who cares?”, on the other hand…

I think he might just not be aware that we just don’t usually bump 2 year old threads.

He’s new, so it’s best the Forum devs or Senior member gives him guidance on what to do and what’s not to do, if we do have a thread for that, we can just PM him the thread, anyways let’s not fight here guys. there might be misunderstanding here there might be not, but alas we are here to give criticism or complement haupt’s scene, so lets keep the positive things up and throw away the negative feels,

sorry if this post was late.

I understand you didn’t find it rude, but there are other people that considered your actions as rude, you have to understand/know that, if a person is disgusted by the way you act, then you must understand that he doesn’t want you acting like that. it’s not all based on your opinions, it’s based on others as well. there are people who does terrible things, become very rude and yet they still don’t know it’s rude, it’s up to us, the Public to tell you which is wrong and what’s not. i am at least here to help if you want to improve your behavior/attitude, so please next time people thinks what you are doing is rude, please apologize and comply to their voiced toughts, unless you have an extremely fair/good point about it.

I wish you luck if you ever want to improve in the future,

Look, All I was trying to do was compliment his work. I was saying Who cares that my post is late. It was a good scene till everyone was overreacting.