Winter Survival 2 - v1.4 Revival


What the hell is this?
Winter Survival, is a caveman/tribal styled survival gamemode, including finding items, crafting weapons, and structers. Then fighting other players, and creatures.

With permission from TheMaw, I’ve started hosting and working on my own version of Winter Survival 2, including new weapons, recipes, and additions, making it more like the classic version. Along with things I feel are good things to add.

**So what’s new right now?

**Well its still in early development, currently I have added things such as, the club, shacks, huts, items from the old Winter Survival.
Such as, berries, wheat, the scythe, and various other food items and buildings.

**Well hell I wanna play!

**Good! You can join our server by clicking the IP below!

I’ve got a great idea for a item/recipe/weapon/etc!

If you’ve like to leave feedback, or suggest a new item or weapon, feel free to post about it. Or you can leave me a PM.



A few inventory icons.

Can I download this myself?

Not at the moment, but when I feel its more completed, I’ll gladly put a download up.

This is the Maw’s final release before he stopped development, as far as I know.…it?usp=sharing



There is already a download/release for gmod 13…


He’s actively recoding his own version to make it similar to the classic version. This isn’t a disguised advertisement people, and there have been a few other threads with no public download:

Clearly you did not read the thread?

Incase anyone is looking for v1.3, I’ll leave it here:


Put Gearfox and Wintersurvival2 in the garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes folder.
Put the map in the maps folder.
Run server.

I did some changes however before I put the download link up, one of which were some small changes on some outdated code. Should work as intended.

Ah, thanks Maw, I’ll put up the old version download.

Actually I did. Left the link for anyone looking for something similar since they can’t have this…

This is hardly a release. Its more of a secret advertising of your server.

I don’t know man, the OP’s not plastered with ‘‘X Gaming with all these cool features’’, heck, the only piece about server is this:


No download offered yet it didn’t have people going OMG ADVERTISEMENT.

Besides, actively informing users of a server that runs the thing in development helps the developer (Sarge) do gameplay tests to make sure things aren’t broken or imbalanced and helps him come up with new things to add.