Winter Survival reboot.

This is an SVN for the old version I found:

If someone could work on it and/or host this I am sure people would love to play it!

off you go, start learning to code

That’s all I needed to hear, jerk.

No community, just yourselves unlike reddit.

What are you going to contribute to this project?
Just be an “ideas” guy?

community is a two way street m8, if you want people to help you out you have to contribute something tangible of your own other than “somebody should fix this addon for me cos i said so”

also why don’t you go back to reddit then since its apparently so much better than here

Going out on a limb and assuming this version doesn’t work anymore?

It works fine with some fixing I used to host it not too long ago.

Okay so you have this very unoriginal idea and expect people with valuable time to do it for you, and when they tell you no instead of being respectful and showing them you’re a good guy you insult not just him, but the entire site and saying that we’re worse than the website that had an entire section dedicated to doxxing transgender teenagers


Calling it a reboot made me think you were rebooting it when reality it was just a request. It’s also not being a jerk telling someone to learn something that they may end up enjoying and taking a lot out from. Asking for free work and being pissed when people say no is called being a jerk. We are more than glad to teach and help you though.

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Also, you’re firsts two posts are a request and an insult to the entire community. You’re making Reddit sound awesome right now.

that’s not reddit’s fault though, that’s just trolls trolling anybody who they think is likely to respond with delicious rage
that being said reddit is still a piece of shit because of the way they sold their entire community up the creek for more corporate shekels

I was working on a reboot of it a couple months ago. Unfortunately I lost most of the progress.

I’m now working on “something” related to Winter Survival. But it’s not for Garry’s Mod.