Winter Survival server - Impulse82

The aim of the game (WinterSurvival-Settlement by NickEagle & TheMaw)is to survive in a cold climate. Resources are scarce, the weather is severe and to top it off, there are others trying to survive with the same little resources you are trying to survive with. Conflicts erupt, cannibalism is rampant and it’s every one for himself. Even alliances always end in treason for food.

Scavaging resources is essential to your well being. Staring with nothing but the frail clothes on your back, you will have to quickly gather enough resources to make yourself a campfire, lest you die of cold. Be careful not to exhaust yourself to death though… literally.

Your next worries will be to gather more resources for food, a place to live, weapons and so much more. The complex script will allow you try different items combination to create tools. Some simple, some much more complex. With those tools you will be able to build yourself a better life. Housing, materials, food gathering, weapons… the list goes on.

Crafting system.

Weapons! (There are also ranged weapons such as bows, crossbows. You can even throw rocks and sticks.)


Cooking system!

To ensure that you do not get bored easily, death is not final. You will be reincarnated as a crow. You can fly around, spectate players as such. Be careful though, they may also hunt you down for food.

Also if you’ve never played it, we have very friendly players/staff there that’ll be very happy to teach you how to play the gamemode. There is also a well written tutorial. Just join the server and type !motd to read it.

So, punk. Do you think you can survive?

Click to join: steam://connect/

We will also be hiring staff eventually. If you’d like to be part of a new “community” per say, join up, be helpful, be nice, but never ever ask how to become an admin or if you can become one. That’ll automatically exclude us from our list of potentials.

Some more random screenshots:

Need more information op D:

Cool, any more info, maybe screenshots?

Yup, I’ll add screenshots very soon. Thought most knew about winter survival.


Better? :3

Nice OP, I never tried Winter Survival.
I’ll join.

Welcome. :3

A lot better, it looks different to how I saw it in my head ill join tomorrow :slight_smile:

Epic, there is only one or two other winter survival servers with shitty admins. I’ll definitely come by later.

Welp, shitty admins is a sure thing you won’t find on my server. Right now I actually have no admins (I’m on fairly often) and I’m as lenient as you can imagine. Unless you’re a total douchebag everybody hates or a complete retard that can’t understand simple rules such as “no attacking before 10 minutes have passed of the round”, then you’re fine to do whatever you want. :3:

Also, don’t expect admins to ban/slap/slay/whatever you because you killed them, won over them or some shit like that, there’ll be no admin younger than 16. I’m 21 myself.

I guess I’ll come try it out right now.


Also; age shouldn’t really be a factor, I’ve met a few 12-13 year old people who are fairly decent admins.

I love Winter Survival. i might visit your server for a spell, OP.

I want to try this out. Looks pretty neat.

Yeah but they’re a needle in a haystack if you ask me.

No, 12-13 years olds as admin is too risky. They don’t have the mental capacity to efficiently deal with trolls, people who threaten to DDoS the server and 10+ players who are older than them at the same time. All in all it gives a bad reputation to the server. Harsh, but true.

Been along time since I saw a Winter Survival server I’ll drop by soon.

Cause little kids care about being called a name. That is what makes them turn into the bad admin position.

Server’s still up and running and pretty popular, if you’re looking for a WS server, hop on.

your server is not up to date.