Winter Survival UPDATED!!

Winter survival is BACK and updated…
About a month ago i got Maws permission to edit the Winter Survival - Settlement gamemode and i’ve been working on it for quite some time now.
I’ve managed to include some items which were never finished such as:

  • Diamond Block
  • Crystal Block
    By including these items into the gamemode the tower is now buildable.
    I know these are only minor updates but i also created a new map with its release which is fully compatable with the gamemode, so don’t flame me with reasons like “The map doesn’t fcuking work” because i’ve tested it and it does…

I give no credit to myself and i give 100% of the credit to The Maw, Night~Eagle & Termy58
(I only give credit to myself for the map which is included in the download)

Thanks for viewing this post
Feel free to comment…


One of the servers i go on with this Update on is:
(:(FTWP):)WinterSurvival-Settlement/FastDL/Good Maps

Could you remove the zombies and the things and put them back as birds and stuff

Zombies just wow…

I added these so it gave the player something else to do, since the only risk of death was by lack of resources.

I might be removing the zombies and adding some more harder foes like Antlion Guards & Fast Zombies, but if anyone has any suggestions on other npcs to put in i’ll consider it…

Why not wolves… No offense realism is what made Winter Survival fun… The fact it was yeah know, about surviving real life not fantasy shit.

I would be happy to incorperate Wolves into the gamemode instead of antlions & zombies but i just don’t have to time to do so.
but if anyone else has any models of wolves or a npc of a wolf that could be put on it. ill gladly put them on.

Yeah, some sort of custom NPC would be great, like a bear or wolf or something like that.

Ok i’ve found a model on for a Wolf im now working on creating it into a npc
this may take me some time seeing as though i have never done a npc before

Also just to let you know, i’ve got a server up and running

  • Diamond Block
  • Crystal Block
    was finished in the Tribal Update. If you want, I can send you this gamemode and give you the recipes and lua items for it.

I suggest you take him up on that offer, the Tribal update was a vast improvement on the game mode.

Maby you could use this and change its model and make it enemy?

Making it into an enemy should be pretty simple its just the change in the models thats the hard part, because i need to get the animations working.

Maw isn’t me or Night-Eagle, you were never given permission to edit Winter Survival. I’m actually offended this is listed as Winter Survival 1.0

I got permission from Maw to use the settlement version of winter survival, and i know that he is neither you or Night-Eagle. Besides Maw has a right to say i can use it after all he help in the making of the gamemode in the 1st place. I mean this in no way to offend you its just that it has never been uploaded on facepunch or since r289 and from what i hear its up to r304, so why not the updates?

I thought you already had permission from Termy58.

i just downloaded it it sounds kool

I would like that gamemode. I practically worship wsmr_mawland. Taking you up on the offer of Tribal. I want the recipies!

Hi cupcakes, next time check the post count, you bumped a 5 month old thread :smile:

yup the icons don’t work, the menu doesn’t work, I would really like a working version, this is severely outdated once again.