Winter Survival

I’m not sure what the deal is. People have got winter survival to work but i can’t seem to get it and there really wasn’t a readme attached to it. Here’s the link to it.

Okay, so when i opened the folder it appeared as if the files would have to go into the addons folder. I put it in there, joined my server and i never downloaded the files so i know it wasn’t set up properly. So i decided to put it in the gamemodes folder, still no success. I even added this line in my server.cfg - “sv_defaultgamemode” “wintersurvival”

Still no success. For some reason i’m having a hard time getting things to work properly. It isn’t just that, i haven’t been able to get ANY player models that i’ve downloaded to work on my server. I put it in every folder that would make sense but it still doesn’t transfer to the people connecting to my server or myself. I just don’t understand what the deal is.

Put it into “gamemodes”, not “addons”, silly.

OH wow, for some reason the program i was using didn’t create the folder within gamemodes. It should be fine now.


Actually, i need help with another thing. I added the snowball SWEP -

and i can use it in game but it’s an error. I don’t know why the model files aren’t transferring? Same with the running zombie, everything works except it’s always shown as an error.