Winter wonderland and field of love

~~I was playing around in Gmod, until I got the idea for these pictures while watching Animal Planet on TV. I had to edit in the shadows for the pokemon in the 1st pic myself. And the 2nd picture I posed the flowers one by one myself.

C&C and enjoy. Both maps are built for TF2.~~

OH GOD, MY EYES! There are no guns! NO GUNS! How could this happen seriously?!

The first one looks bad, but the second picture is lovely <3.

Guns in Pokemon?

Also, why does the first one look bad? Something I missed? Need to improve on? Need to fix?

Reminds me of one of those banned episodes…


Second one is really cute

Can i have the first one as wallpaper but in 1680x1050?

Eevee #2 has got his rape face on.

Good shots, the posing is good, the map fits,

I like the second one.

jeez, the new pokemon look totally retarded. but the pictures are ok

That was bothering a lot yesterday. I look at this baby eevee, and all I saw was a rape face. I was intending to redo the pic so he wouldn’t have it, but I said, “nah”.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Must… resist… hugging:psyberger:
Second picture is best.