well done. the dude boy looks a little bit flat but this is quality

Well you did a pretty damn good job at making it look photo realistic but the posing on the dude looks pretty wonky.

The scenebuild is perfect. And as KingGrim said, you nailed the scene to look photorealistic but the posing on the guy looks really weird.

i thoght this is real life picture for a moment lol

Damn, this looks absolutely fantastic!

he looks like he has cerebral palsy but other than that i like it

What technique did you use for the shadows?

I used 4 soft lamps, one directly above for the sky, one for the sun which was near the top left of the image, and one each for the left front light bounce and right front light bounce. Then I adjusted the intensity of each in post processing.

I was wondering how you nailed the lighting as well. Very neat. But that stupid branch that’s blocking the left part of the character really bothers me a lot, still awesome though.

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Btw, the material is not plain white, but some better version. What was the material that you used on it?

It annoys me too. I was trying to move the tree over but the effect ring was buried underground. The material was debugwhite but I used a bumpmap from one of theMask’s snow props.

I like some of the realistic composites (I think you used a non-Gmod image(s) for that), but you could remove the guy since I think it detracts from the overall image. I also agree with CZ about the log. It looks off.