WinterCivil skin

im had relase my skin for civilians Just makes thems for winter city like SnowCity 17 hehe
im think you will enjoy my skin have fun :slight_smile:
where is this skin relased?

Looks OK for a first skin. Not particularly good, but it’s your first, so I’ll let it slide.

I suggest putting the pictures in your post, so we can see them easier. Also, the people on this forum look down on poor grammar and spelling, so I also suggest you rewrite your post.

As for the skin itself, it looks OK. The main body wasn’t really changed that much, but for a first skin that’s fine. Just make more effort in your next. The gloves also seem a bit flat, as though they were made of plastic or latex, not a fabric.

Finally, it’s recommended that you hex skins, to make it usable alongside the existing models. You can find many tutorials on this with a bit of searching.

Well it’s not spectacular but there’s really nothing wrong with it either.

And, yeah, you should hex them.

Not bad. I think it’s really good for a first skin.