WIP Aircraft Carrier - GMS Endeavor

After many crashes while trying to build this, I finally succeeded. Here’s some pictures:

Top view (A-10s on a carrier? That’s just ridiculous)

From the back

From the front

Plane taking off

Plane landing


View from left

I intended to build plane elevators but it would be really unstable. Anyway it’s still a WIP, I’ll improve on it some time.


Pretty good, get rid of the custom model spam up top, there’s way to many and in the wrong places.

Ya, great carrier. But those first two pictures just look messed up. There should not be planes parked on the runway =/

It looks very nice, does it move though?

I don’t quite understand why people make giant ships on maps with only land, and NOT IN WATER

Iunno, looks a lot like some of the things Angus used to make. Still pretty good though.

Yeh the planes are suppost to be inside it =\



I parked the planes on the runway just for show. I know it’s not practical to park it like this during normal operations. As I said before I tried to build elevators for planes so they can be parked inside the carrier but they’re unstable. I still don’t know how to parent it so it can’t move right now.

Not bad.
I was working on one of these, so i could put my Phalanx CIWS on it.
nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Well angus’s planes weren’t models…

If you’re trying to suggest that he ‘stole’ angus’ idea, then get out. Both this and Angus’ carrier are loosely based on the Enterprise or Nimitz class carriers

holy fuck jesus christ that thing is gigantic does it lag? what about the interior im guessing no but still that is quite the feat of engineering awesome job dude epic

That thing is never going to float.

It might be possible if I knew how to parent it.

Hey theres this thing called multiparent.
funnily enough it has this feature that PARENTS STUFF!!! OMG
Awesome huh?
Download it here

user death imminent

No, I just said Hmmmmm… Because of the similarities.

I’ve uploaded the save for it. Do try to parent it if you can. You need gm_construct_flatgrass_v5.


Why are there telephone poles at the top?