WIP: Animator

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Todo list (:d: = finished)

[ul][li]:d: Animation saving/loading
[/li][li]:d: Individual (per entity) animations
[/li][li]Bugproofing (in case someone breaks a prop you’re animating, etc)
[/li][li]Ragdoll support (including faceposes)
[/li][li]User interface for everything
[/li][li]Support for deletion of keyframes
[/li][li]Support for customizing transition styles from frame to frame (ie. linear, quadratic, cubic, and maybe even user-defined?)
[/li][li]Support for editing duration of each keyframe
[/li][li]Prop ghosts to make it clear where each keyframe is
[/li][li]STOOL integration[/ul]
I’m really lazy and i don’t know how much i’ll actually finish.

It’s on google code. Feel free to download it (it’s an addon) and play with it. It’s not user friendly at all right now so don’t download it if you’re a simpleton. You have to use lua_run.


Looks easy to use.


u guys mad?

You can see where i commented out all the ragdoll bone positioning code because the wiki doesn’t really explain anything and i couldn’t make it work.

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maybe you should use phys.ComputeShadowControl. it’s pretty much the only way for ragdolls AFAIK and it’s a lot easier

I’m not sure how that would work with custom transitions since it’s always somewhat smooth

I thought that ComputeShadowControl was used exclusively in SENT hooks.

I know that there’s some way to set the position of a ragdoll’s limbs and shit. The duplicator does it right?

Did you try using what I posted?

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Setting bone positions/angles needs to be done from the entity’s BuildBonePositions method.

SetBonePosition doesn’t exist, or at least not for Entities.

e: What the hell, i just found it on the wiki. Last i checked it wasn’t there. Okay i’ll test this now and see what happens.

you can call ComputeShadowControl outside the PhysicsSimulate ent hook

I made something ages ago that recorded player movement and played it back on ragdolls. that used ComputeShadowControl in a think hook


it still doesn’t do anything. should i be using the matrix objects and not SetBonePosition? :sigh:

if anyone wants to try and make ragdolls work i can give editing rights to you. i’m gonna try and get other shit working.

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Dmod does the same , but better

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