WIP - Asuran Satellite SENT v3

This project has been killed by someone else.

I’m letting Llapp release his without a hassle because he told me about the vast feature list on his.
He will be releasing it in Carter’s Pack, which is here:

Assassin21, you can release yours if you want, as can anyone else who wants to.

For anyone who still wants to mess around with my code, here is the link:

Good luck to everyone.

well i’m not going to do that for the old model, i’m only going to make new texutre’s for Iziraider’s new model, that I’m currently uvmapping.

As long as you have permission from him, which I will also obtain.

I’m a sort of companion whit him, he makes the models i do the texture’s, do see at his first page i got permission to edit all his models and upload.

Okay. I asked him if I could use his model in this.
I said he could maybe add my SENT to his pack when its done, or take the satellite model out of his pack to avoid confusion. Hopefully I’ll get a reply soon from him.

I have some Ideas for your asuran satellite:
1.integrate a shield which is switched on if the stargate is active
2.make it destroyable

Good ideas. I’ll take those into consideration!
We may also make it destroyable if we have time to model gibs and stuff.

Iziraider agreed to let us use his Satellite model!

I sadly cant code nor model but i would be more then willing to beta test anything you can throw at me.

I will take this into consideration. If we need Beta testers, I will contact you.

well we could ask iziraider for gibs, if i’m done whit uv-mapping that would be around tomorrow, than i will go skinning it.

Okay, cool. I asked Iziraider to add me in Steam, so if he does, I’ll ask him then. If he doesn’t, I’ll PM him.

He doesn’t like adding steam people he didn’t want to for me either :’(

Ah, I see. Well, I’ll PM him asking then. I’ll also ask him to post on here granting permission to use his models for proof to the public.
And I’m working on the code as we speak. It is going pretty good. Currently working on the Shield.
I have finished making the movement smoother also.

Okay, so you have permission to use my model, and I’ll make the gibs as soon as I can([sp]when I get sober[/sp])

Thanks a ton!

Ok, I’ve uploaded the gibs to my svn.

Cool! Thanks!

At this moment I ask all staff to please register on my website for access to the project

I worked a bit on the asuran satellite and got this:

It contains all features except shield and 8 chev stargate

Nice work, with a bit more changes its looking good.

Ps: wtf is wrong whit your entities icons ?