WIP: asw_sgc.bsp

Lots of ugly things in the video, they have been corrected. Might do another video in another point of the maps progress though.

Looks alright. Apart from the small bad-looking things you mentioned in the video.

How do you make sure thrown items work when the ceiling is so low?

And is the disappearing ceiling clientside? How did you make it?

Make the exterior part black. The white is an eyesore.

I’m pretty sure the “.bsp” isn’t necessary in the thread name.

I haven’t thought about the thrown items part but I’ll look into it.
Dissapearing ceiling is server side, it happens to everyone, however aslong as a marine is inside the trigger it will be disabled.
Basically I did it like the upper floor transition thing: Func_brush, Make a trigger, set outputs something like this: OnTouching > Disable, OnEndTouch > Enable


Will do this once I get the hang of it all (Using both a skybox and the structure_seal around the map


I’m pretty sure it isn’t necessary as you say, but I wanted it in the thread name.

It’s good. Pretty small, but I assume you will make it bigger.

Doors seemed a bit of an unusual size in one or two places and there weren’t any door frames.

Will try adding in actual ASW doors and not self-made brush doors in the end. And yes it will be bigger, this is just a small part of what is hopefully to come.

Can we get some Pictures in the OP?

I’m at work and can’t watch videos :3: