WIP -=AWOL=-GunGame

I love gun game and i have been thinking lately about how awesome it would be to have gun game in gmod. Not because of all the aim bots or the constant radars ect… Mainly for all the extra things that GarrysMod could add. Image it. Awesome effects, custom weapons and best of all it would be easily customizable. Therefore i would like to bring you -=AWOL=- GunGame. This is a gamemode that i am making that will go onto the -=AWOL=- Servers (some of you might know us for our parkour). Anyway here are some pictures. Below it is a log of features and what i am going to add.

Yes i know why not just play css? Well i believe that there is so much that can be added to it by using gmod. I am going to first get it playing as good as css does then i will work on the improvements.
Just a pic of the hud.


Showing me killing a bot.


Showing the killing shot line. It shows


Anyway ENJOY!

I have now done my voting system. At the moment u can have votes from the server with as many options as you want.
Here are some pics
When it first appears (You click on the answer)


Once you click on an option it asks you are you sure.


Once that is done you wait X amount of time and it pops up the winner. (X is determined when someone initiates a vote.)



Gives players random guns when they kill someone.

-CustomEffects System
Allows easy user of effects.

-Map Searching
Searches the server for all GG maps and on map change randomly changes it to a map.

Sort of. My computer is one of the worst off the market. If it works on mine it works on any.

-Death Effects
When a player dies on the attacker and the dead player it shows a line that shows where they got shot from.

  • Roll the Dice
    RTD Every X Seconds and get a powerup.

-Rock the vote
Don’t like the map? Just RTV and it will skip it.

-Slight AntiHackDefence
I have made it so that the players team is determined by a server only variable. Gone are the days where players can only attack non team mates.

-Custom Events System
A Popup of an event EG: Game is over, Ranked up ect…

-Custom Hud
Shows your score, team score and enemy team score.

-Add a vote system.
Add a vote system that can execute commands by votes eg: Map change, kick someone. Am i awsome… ect… NEW

============================To be done.

This is easy. I will make it save stuff like kills, deaths ect…

Simply put. Do X get X Achievment

-More Powerups
Add more powerups for roll the dice.

-Add more anti hacking stuff.
Add stuff so if a player gets 5 headshots in a row (like 5 seconds) it will have a vote to check if he gets kicked.

-Add Help menu
Lol obvious.

-Add Scoreboard
Once again obvious.

-Custom Make all weapons.
At the moment all the weapons are using the cs base. I want them using a base i make so i can make it like css (cone increases as the player keeps shooting.)

-More Weapons
At the moment i only have 10 but i am going to add around 30 including hl2 and maybe tf2 weapons.

I see some of the weapons have lua errors, can you fix these?

Is Gbps also working on this with you?

that actually sounds good, owning people with a crossbow, or something, make sure to get rid of the phys gun and grav gun or else people will eventually start making bases and it will be no fun

All the weapons do have lua erros. This is due to something with the base. I am going to completly remake the whole system. This gamemode isn’t sandbox based therefore u don’t spawn with the gravgun physics gun ect… u can’t even spawn props.

Who is Gbps?

Nevermind. Looks like you have competition with this. Gbsps is also coding gungame.

awsome lol. I wonder how his is gonig to play out.

I have now added a voting system. Now players can host votes on anything they want. It also handles unlimited amount of arguments.

Pictures are up the top.

I love gun game, but in gmod… I dunno, I see alot of people using lua aimbots etc

i am going to add heaps of things to stop people from using aim bots. I have already started by separating the teams by a server side only variable. This stops people using team oriented aim bots.

I am going to add a headshot vote system. Where if X people get headshot in a row then the attacker gets kicked.

Why don’t you just turn on scriptenforcer and not bother with useless features that produce more false positives than anything else? A ‘headshot system’ is not going to work… Anyone who plays CS:S can get 25 headshots in a row, let alone 5.

Making a ‘serverside’ team system won’t do anything, it will just make things harder for everyone and your gamemode less efficient. Most people use aimbots to aim. They would distinguish between the teams themselves.

Seriously, focus on the gamemode you’re creating and leave the anti-hack stuff to scriptenforcer. Since clientside code is run before whatever you have in your gamemode, there is nothing at all you can do to stop a person hacking… apart from turning on scriptenforcer.

I think he meant 5 headshots within a certain period of time. It’s nigh-on-impossible to get 5 headshots in 5 full-auto shots from a gun. And that’s what he’s trying to stop. If he can code something to stop aimbots without the use of scriptenforcer, more power to him.

Not that scriptenforcer is bad, but that would be great lua practice, right?

Not that I think you’re not capable of making a successful gamemode, but so far it seems that you’re current developments are pretty beginner.

Nevertheless, a challenger has approached :sax:


(The more unnecessary effects you use, the more lag you put on the server)

It would be practice, but I wouldn’t say it would be great practice. An aimbot won’t change the recoil of a gun, so that approach won’t work.

Anti-cheats that detect a cheater based on something like headshots in a row or kill steaks or whatever never work.
Detecting hooks that modify the aim and removing them is the only approach that has been proven to work at all. (By that I mean keeping a list of the hooks the gamemode uses and removing all OTHER hooks.)

There have been so many discussions about anti-hacks, always leading to the conclusing that scriptenforcer is the way to go and trying to do it yourself just wastes cpu cycles. His time would be better spent on the gamemode.

Scriptenforcer is just a console command that works perfectly. If someone is going to put the effort in to bypass it, all the efforts that you put in will be worthless.

Effects don’t strain the server… They’re handled clientside. And even so, they arn’t going to cause very much hastle, unless they are spammed, not optimised, and the client’s computer is a piece of junk.

game mode sounds awesome :slight_smile: gimme ip when its on a server please , oh and i totaly agree gmod can offer alot more stuf to make it better than css , like css deathrun its not as good as gmod deathrun because gmod deathrun has alot more to offer :smiley:

what do you mean in terms of this? i know it can offer alot but on deathrun i don’t know what it can offer.

Meh, I also happen to be working on a GG gamemode. Be interesting to see how this turns out though.

on gmod deathrun you can buy hats , trails and other stuf :stuck_out_tongue:
on the css one you cant :P!

Yeah i think i might just use script enforcer. Ok about the beginner stuff. Yeah it is but it isn’t. I have created my own effects system that means u will never get the lua error of effects any more. I have also done heaps more works since then. After a closed alpha test that i had last night it points out i need a bit of work. I have almost done nearly everything that we picked up that was wrong about the gamemode.

To be honest i am not a newbie at coding lua or a beginner i am just average. I am no gmod tower coder. But i am not a newb coder lol.

Also yeah everything in this gamemode is begginner at the moment. I have just been working for my base. From here i can add heaps of stuff.

BTW Can i have a look at your gungame? Like pics or anything? I just want to see how your approaching it (don’t worry i won’t steal anything, just curious)


I am going to make it so you can buy upgrades but nothing that effects your game. Mainly just to increase your epenis. This is once i have got the game working and i have a beta.

I do not preform screenshots on my developments until they are at an open(ish) beta stage. This is simply not to create a negative effect on the gamemode before its final stages are released. All I can say is that my GG gamemode is shaping up quite well. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “creating my own effects system”, but I’m using a library call EUI, which is a collection of powerful gui interfaces, along with some nice 2d particle effects, as well as 3d. From there, I build on the gamemode with the hats, trails, and fun crap to add some extra perks to the gameplay. I’ve also coded around 3 or 4 weapons for this gamemode, taking advantage of EUI effects for the bullets and tracers. Also, a side note, anyone could achieve Gmod tower’s development if we all had ~6 months of free time, heh. Also, watch you’re spelling errors.

Yeah, see i have no idea what eui is. By effects system all i meant is a system where i run the effects on the client and if there are to many effects running then it won’t run. I didn’t mean anything really advanced. Just the way i implemented i can just do PlayerEffectFunc(<effect name> ,Pos) and it runs that on every client. Nothing to hard just making a function. One problem that i have had though is making weapons. At the moment i am using cs base weapons which are nothing like css weapons. Do you know a good base for a weapon where i could start? I just get confused with the serverside shit and client side stuff on the weapons.

Like i said i am not really an advanced coder lol. (also i have never made a swep really)