[WIP] Basewars - Me Gusta

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Making a new thread when I got pictures and might NOT have a meme in the logo…

You can still watch the changelog: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mv53acht7n3y5vy/changelog.txt

You need screenshots before actually posting something, otherwise it’s all lies.

Oh lol I didn’t know that…
Sorry! Posting pictures tomorrow!

Yet another build of Basewars again. It seems like everyone is developing pwn version of The gamemode on their own, but since you new you can contact me about Basewars because there are around 4 different copies of Basewars and i think the community wouldnt need another one. Right now isnt the time for another Basewars gamemode. But on the other hand, feel free to support others or my development in the gamemode.

EDIT: I’ll soon be making a thread of the gamemode so heads up.

The amount of meme shit and 2008 in this post makes it even less of a good gamemode thread than usual.