[WIP] Basic Sandbox RP


I’m currently working on a very basic Sandbox RP.
Will just have a few jobs, be very basic.

Any ideas what I should add?
Currently, I only got :
Player - spawns with nothing so far.
Builder - spawns with physgun.

And some other stuff, like a menu.

What you think would be needed for a Sandbox RP gamemode?

Shop owner… Sells building materials.

Hmm, should I disable the Q menu?
Maybe make an NPC selling props?

Maybe just let the Q menu enabled but make players pay for the props? And to earn money they could sell their contraptions to the rich guys. There are always rich guys hiding around.

‘Police Unit’ and ‘Mayor’. An authority is always needed.

I’d suggest doing something that doesn’t necessarily involve being serious. Sandbox is kind of a fooling around mode, know what I mean? I suggest maybe doing something where they can get props and recycle 'em and stuff, or maybe pay for 'em. Let me know if you need my ideas, though you likely don’t.

I’m not sure if I should continue on this or my Fallout RP.
Fallout RP is based on Cider, as it’s easy to remake, and this I will create from scratch.

What you think?

In my opinion, something made from scratch > something edited.

I don’t quite understand what this is supposed to be. Isn’t this just build RP basically?

Well, I guess, but then I make it from scratch, and with your ideas, make it good.

Zeroi, if you want help coding some of this, i have very good knowledge with gamemodes and i have a private “sandbox RP” gamemode that has fully complete crafting and other systems( including full rp chat etc.). I don’t work on it anymore and i’ve been bored and had some free time lately so if you’d like some help, ask.

You could add me on Steam and we can discuss further.