WIP: Bigass Revolver

Hi there! I am currently doing my first model Ever. In blender. Reverence is an
old drawing of mine. I did this because why the fuck not. Here is how it looked
3 days ago. I will make a more recent screenshot when I got some sleep and
stopped trying to lock real world objects on a global axis.


Maybe Ill release it as an animated SWEP, maybe as a prop or maybe I will get frustrated and set
fire to myself and my computer, who knows.

How it looks now:


Old shit:


Source doesn’t like model to get into other model. You should try to use boolean or something like that.

Blender huh? I set fire on my computer long time when I tried doing a model on blender but I wish you good luck, and its a good start.

I know, but rest asured that I payed careful attention not to create polygons crossing other polygons


OP updated once again. Enjoy your first render (if you ungrateful fucks still care)

Looks good, just smooth it out a bit, and you’ll have a Great model.

Finally, the rough shape is done. Naturally I will have to learn how to smooth out models now

You should use the smooth button or maybe use subdive&smooth modifier in the “w” menu.

Updated OP once again.

Now the model is done. Smoothing is next. Gotta learn how to, since the smooth buttpn makes everything look like shit with a bad smooth shader and smooth subdivisions just make a geometrical clusterfuck out of it

Looking nice.

You have no idea what you’re saying, do you?

Source has no limits on the “model getting into another model”, bolean will just fuck it up further, don’t listen to this man.

Well, I HAVE heared that source hates two things: Polygons crossing other polygons and exessive numbers of verts. Any truth to that? Doesn’t matter really, since every part, Barrell, Drum, Body, Handle, trigger, hammer and release switch are each made from one closed surface, exept some holes in those spots noone will see to save polys. Was a shitload of work

I’m currently working on a mesh that overlaps/intersects itself in some places, and source seem to be fine with that.

Looks a bit like the trigun revolver

Its actually based on a movie prop that I built out of spare parts from a blank gun

Hey there. I got bored of textureing, but I picked up where I left. What do you think?
(OP updated)

Have you guys ever looked at a Half Life 2 model? There’s floating geometry everywhere, EVERYWHERE. Source has no problem with it.