(WIP) Bioshock model/Texture pack (ALL MODELS FROM GAME! YAY!)



I’m sure 2K would be delighted to know that you’re just chucking game files out, and then asking for money to do it to other games.

I am not making money off the pack, Its totally optional and its for the service really, it will be invested in udk games that I will extract and release the models too, If you like my efforts in releasing models for UDK games and want to see more packs (for other games like Batman, Gears of War 3) very quickly, it would be appreciated for a donation from you to keep this effort up. Anyways this whole site is** filled** with game files that if the devs saw it, they would be mad, mines surely can’t be any worse then other people packs. All it is, is textures and models. No level data or anything.

I just want to help people out in their endeavor of getting models from a game, I hope people do the same for me.

I am slowly going to be updating this thread with more links to the models as they finish uploading but I do appreciate your concern on the matter.

Honestly, most developers already know about what’s going on with Garry’s Mod. It’s kind of hard not to. Only a few have actual issues with it, since we’re doing it on our own time without pay.

And even though your donations are optional, you’re still requesting payment for ripping\porting from these games. You are, ultimately, intending to make money off of their work… or at least, that’s how they will see it.

I see where people are coming from on the matter, and totally respectable. If people want models for a game and they cant do it personally, they hopefully donate and I will deliver. I am doing this on my own time also, but you are talking about something that can take days to do, so asking for a tiny donation for this time taken is not hopefully too much to ask for.

Rarely do you ever see packs on FacePunch that had thousands of models and textures. You might only see maybe a 10 model pack or at most a hundred but its few and far between to see a pack of this size and I do hope people appreciate my efforts, just a simple Thank You would be suffice if you can’t donate.

I will never charge people for something that doesn’t belong to me, and I am not in this instance. I just ask for a donation for the time and effort it took. Lets not start a flame war please, I am not charging people and never will.

I am still uploading all the models, please stand by.

I havent read most of this but the donation thing, I have no respect for you on.
I’ve done this 6 years and never once asked for donations on ripping models, cause its easy to do. Unreal games take literally 5 minutes to get every model out of. now you tell us you havent seen people release model packs containing resource? whats this then?
if you want to talk about a game that takes real time and effort go get us some xbox and ps3 content, which will take you a little more then 5 minutes since you cant just do everything with a single .bat file. oh wait… you sorta can…

Are you even porting the models, scaling them, applying textures, putting speculars into the alpha channels or the normals, anything like that, or just releasing the bare models? Anyone can do the latter.

Anyone can, but no one has for Bioshock.

ehem… I have. only I took a step further and put it in gmod, actually a lot of people have here, mappers took out most the props for their levels already,
take that paypal shit off though your not deserving of it.

then why do you deserve money for such an easy task

it’s not a skillset

he wants us to donate to him for using this program all by himself

that’s just too hard for me to figure out, take this $50 and do it for me

Please read, I never said I never seen anyone release no resources, this pack contains no resources the way NotExactly is implying.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 content will still take the same amount of time like it did with Bioshock. I have to rip the game to my computer, 1-2 hours, take it through a conversion talking another hour or 2. Sort out the files if needed, rar each package, upload each package.

When you say 5 minutes, it takes me way longer than that. This of course depends on your computer/internet speed. But after everything is all said and done, takes about 12 hours.

Lastly, if it took so short, why don’t we see more UDK model packs? because, you know as well as me, it doesn’t and no one rarely wants to take the time to do it.

We need to see full models packs for games like
Bioshock 2
Batman games
Gears of War
Just those three games should only take someone 15 minutes to do in total <sarcasm>

i think you’re trying to say that it takes more time than what plasmid said

if it takes more time than what plasmid said, you’re doing it wrong

Effort it takes, no charge for the program I am using.

Did you know, most if not all programs are created in C++, using your logic they should be all free since they are using another program.

Its the effort it takes, and no it does not take 5 minutes to do it.

I just wanna ask, no more arguing from me after this, what are you trying to get out of this, it doesn’t matter if I use a $1000 to extract the models, or a free program, if people like my efforts they will contribute to the cause and I will do it more frequently.

Word of the day:
Effort: a job requiring time and effort

hes just making it sound way more complicated then it is, and it ISN’T complicated in the slightest bit, its just press the bat file, let it rip the files…done…

reason why people dont get models from UDK games? 1 their organization is shitty
2, there are easily 8-10 gigs of just resource so its hard to pack
3, so easy most people figure if they need the models they can do it themself. now heres a list on all the unreal games people have gotten from that your misinformed on.

Batman, mirrors edge, brothers in arms, gears of war, bioshock, mass effect…the list goes on.

I havent seen any, unreal games (use a bat and your done) also pro-tip: you cant define a word with the same word “effort-requiring time and effort?”
all this is only cause you mentioned donations though, we would have welcomed it, had it not been for that.

Full packs?

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1214510&highlight= what are these?

I don’t use bat, I never saw one. I went into console and had to type in /umodel (location name) very time consuming process…

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It wasnt a sarcastic comment, I just wondered if it was, I wont ask for donations anymore on any future packs, we are all human, we I know its too late now but apologies for this.

take my bat files then. you will see it turn into a 5 minute process.