WIP Building Maps (Suggestions Thread)

Well, I came to ask for some interesting, and notably, ‘abstract’ ideas for my small map i’ve been working on, its 99.99% completely symmetrical, with the exception of it not being in the origin of the map nor the textures completely finished or symmetrical. But that put aside, here is some media.

I want some kind of creative abstractivity to add to the map, like floating islands or something crazy that will compliment the blue tones of the already made rooms, and I can modify it to add water if that is part of the suggestion.

I will also keep the thread active for those who care about it ever seeing a release, because no-doubt it probably will.

Onto the media!






You need AA so much.

I think you need some more sci-fi looking textures.

I have AA turned off intentionally to take off Overhead on the GPU, and personal preference. Of course this is only a demonstration, and you will likely have AA on yourself, so that is all that matters.

Also, editor media from just now! These archways are symmetrical just like the rest of the room, and the textures are not painted symmetrically, like usual, but in the very end I will probably fix that.

The archways are also NODRAW like everything else the player is not intended to see, to take off memory usage. I have some brush optimization to go through yet before I do a compile to see how the lighting pans out.


And the AI Node System is ridiculous, but is expanding itself for the other rooms, so its damn near impossible for an npc to get lost or stuck, (at least, that’s the hopeful plan).


You should just turn it on when you take screenshots.

Duely Noted.