WIP Conquest Gamemode

Hi, so my friend Lunamade conquest gamemode which is a fight between the Resistance and Combine it’s a WIP at the moment but maybe you guys could let us know what you think about it.

The main objective at the moment is to shoot rockets at the enemy base (Combine citadel or rebel base) by claiming the rocket silo but in order to generate rockets you need to have claimed atleast one energy collector. (This may change in the future)

For combine vehicles there is the APC and the combine Helicopter at the moment, rebels have the rebel APC, rebel helicopter (from the EP2 ending), jeep and elitejeep with guns mounted
The vehicles are based on the simfphys base.

There’s some added ambient sounds and effects added like a sandstorm and some wind effects.

Im a bad writer so idk what else i could write here so i’ll give you some pictures.

For the moment the server is running on my home “server” in Austria, because i have a dynamic IP im using a dynamic dns service, i hope this works out. The adress to the server is: simfphys.ddns.net i think simply clicking on the link should automatically connect you to the server.

Looks sweet. I’ll check the server out later today. Any plans on open sourcing later?

This gamemode require a lots of player but the server is empty
What a pity


I like the mini-map. Unreal Tournament onslaught vibe.

Garry’s Field : Hardkleiner