WIP - DarkRP Car dealer for everyone!

Well, I have seen peoples complaining about an Car Dealer in DarkRP.
So I though why not do it!

Well, it’s still getting worked on, so don’t think about getting the dealer today or tomorrow.

Youtube clip: (Yes I know, I will fix the spawns abit.)

NPC Car Dealer: 100%

Derma Menu: 90%

AddMoney(-amount): 80%


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Sure, as you want it. But I realy don’t give a fuck what you think. I am trying to help peoples that want it. Respect that.

Whats the point of a car dealer if you can build a car your self? Plus, everyone is going to whine about their car being stolen.

Well, lock your car.

Theres already a lot of these, and you can just get the lua code for one that already exists and make it for everybody. Not to mention that you (I) can build your own car in around 5 minutes. Also most Darkrp maps are tiny, and not meant for driving (Cough craptown_v2).

Wombo: Point is, not all of them are. I was personally looking for this.

Appreciate it, OP.

This is very easy to do.

This is easy to do, and really shouldn’t be released for all the new players who get servers.
People will disagree with me.

All of you shush, you’re being asses. I thank OP for hopefully lessening requests for things like this, by providing free code to those who can’t make it themselves.

Well, I am trying to be nice :l but most of you look like asses. I will release it, and it won’t take long time. Next step will get “load” and “save” working. Will possibly be in v2.

where you all whining about! seriously you can probably use the code for something otherwise you just do not use it you do not have to complain about it…

Very well done, I would use it but, i have a car dealer job :smiley:

Thanks for this OP, hope you will release soon, need something like this for my server.

What isn’t this Seth? You know how to code and this is really simple.

v1 Released!
http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1004329 car dealer needs testing, but it should save your cars, if not please let me know as haven’t found people to test it yet.

why not just get rid of the car dealer and allow the spawning of a car through the q menu

Yes it’s Seth, and you should know he’s the arch troll of the lua section.

And this is a pretty good idea, but I’m sure it’s already been done several times.

Why not allow the spawning of cars through q menu?

in my opinion its very unrealistic, and the cars aren’t persistant. buying a car that’s yours everytime you log onto the server for 100,000 or whatever rather then 4k each time you join is a lot more appealing to me.